She Waves

Looking to connect?

Maybe you need an editor?

I can command your commas to sit and behave. I have substantial experience and am available for short- or long-term assignments. Light-to-heavy revisions on anything from resumes to eulogies, menu descriptions or job descriptions, term papers and glossaries of terms. And if you’re a game designer? You worry about your game rules and I’ll worry about grammar rules: reasonable rates so you have more time to play.

Or you’re looking for someone to be bookish?

One of my favourite assignments was blogging for IFOA2013, the event that is largely responsible for my decision to move to this city* (to save on all the hotel costs I racked up annually to attend) and later coordinating the blog tour for IFOA2016. (See my thoughts on 2018’s festival here.)

If you’re looking to fill a position with someone passionate about writing and reading, look no further.

Perhaps you live and write nearby?

Please, say hello!



*I live in the city currently called Toronto, built on the homelands of indigenous peoples – including the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabeg and the Huron-Wendat – and still inhabited by their descendants. This block of land, including the shoreline between Etobicoke Creek and Ashbridge’s Bay, as well as the territory 45km north, was the focus of the 1787 Toronto Purchase, which was signed by settlers and the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation, and which the indigenous peoples viewed as a temporary leasing – not purchasing – arrangement, not a relinquishment of sovereignty.