She Publishes

Work forthcoming in various magazines and journals, in print and online.

2010-2021 Writing about bookish life in Canada, CanLit and being BuriedInPrint: a collection of 1.800 articles, essays and reviews, including discussion of more than 950 works by Canadian writers

2021 Regular Contributor to World Literature Today, including”The Imago Stage” by Karoline Georges, Translated by Rhonda Mullins ” (Spring 2021) and “The Electric Baths by Jean-Michel Fortier, Translated by Katherine Hastings” (Winter 2021)

2021 Resident Reviewer at The /tƐmz/ Review: writing about long- and short-form fiction published by independent presses and publishers, including “Avalanches, Slicker Coats and Drunken Minotaurs: A Fairy-Tale Western”(R) and “Consequentially: Lauren Carter’s Everything and Nothing” (R)

2021 Regular Contributor to Herizons, including 34.4 (Winter 2021) “On Wendy McGrath’s Broke City”, and 34.3 (Fall 2020) “On Jaime Burnet’s Crocuses Hatch from Snow”(R)

2021 Regular Contributor to Literary Ladies: Biographies, including Winifred Holtby and Rachel Carson; Essays, including A Celebration of Friendship in Maud Hart Lovelace’s Fiction (E) and “Drinking from the Spring: Rereading Tuck Everlasting (E)

2021 Regular Contributor to The Chicago Review of Books, including “Navigating Power in The Opium Prince” (R) and “Soaring and Singing in If I Had Two Wings” (R)

2020 Vol1Brooklyn “Playing Checkers in Brooklyn: Hope and Resilience in Betty Smith’s Wartime Fiction” (E)

2020 The Los Angeles Review of Books, including Piecework and Assembly: On Judith Teitelman’s “Guesthouse for Ganesha” (R) and “On Ponies, Players, and Improbability: On Shannon Pufahl’s “On Swift Horses” (R)

2020 The Hamilton Review of Books 9 “On Farzana Doctor’s Seven (R)

2020 PRISM international “Swimming Holes, Seasides and Secrets: Coming of Age in Nova Scotia” (R) 

2020 Ars Mεdica 15.1 (Winter 2020): “Syllabus” 43-48 (SS)

2020 Augur Magazine “Revisiting Fionavar: Looking Backward, Looking Forward” (E)

E=Essay / R=Review / SS=Short Story

In addition to the recent publications above, other work has been published in North America and Europe, in print and online (e.g. The Rusty Toque, Room, Other Voices, Mslexia, Wandering Dog, QWF, Orbis, Tears in the Fence, Pagitica, Front and Centre, and Danforth Review).

Short fiction anthologized by City Works Press (US) and the milieu press (Canada).

And other recognition? Five Fingers Review’s Annual Fiction Contest (Winner), NOW’s Annual Feminist Fiction Writers’ Award (Winner), So to Speak’s Annual Short Fiction Contest (Finalist), Other Voices’ Annual Fiction Contest (Shortlist), Phillip Good Competition (Shortlist) and THIS Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt (Shortlist).