Notes in November 2020

In reading about writing, I’ve been reading Questlove’s Creative Quest (written with Ben Greenman).

In writing about writing, I’ve just finished an essay about the quality of Rachel Carson’s crafting, which is often over-looked amid the deserved acclaim for her landmark 1962 work, Silent Spring.

In reading about reading, I’ve just started with Nancy Pearl’s new collection of interviews, The Writer’s Library.

And, in writing about reading, I’m working on an article which will be published soon to coincide with the reprint of Betty Smith’s second novel, Tomorrow Will Be Better (1948), about Smith’s willingness to examine the lives of the working-class in an era when stories about poverty were frowned upon.

November, like a murderous octopus, spread its tentacles over all narrative plans.
Marie-Renée Lavoie. Mister Roger and Me

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