Notes in July 2020

In reading about writing, I’ve been reading Barbara Ueland’s If You Want to Write (1938).

In writing about writing, I’m working on an essay about how women writers look back to the women writers who wrote before, how they find inspiration to counter cultural expectations and pursue creative work, despite discouragement.

In reading about reading, I’ve been dipping into an old favourite, Alberto Manguel’s The Library at Night. Before I had my own copy, I’d just about copied out the whole thing because I found so many best-bits in it.

And, in writing about reading, I’m writing a piece about how nostalgia impacts the way we (or, maybe it’s just me?) read and the way we reread.

Winter is the middle of the year; spring the finale, and summer is free; in this climate, at least, summer is a special dispensation … 
Carol Shields Small Ceremonies

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