Notes in April 2021

In reading about writing, I’ve been enjoying Lennie Goodings’ memoir about her years working at Virago Books; my favourite publishing memoir until now has been Diana Athill’s Stet, but this one is very enjoyable for a Virago Modern Classic geek.

In writing about writing, I’ve just shared my thoughts about John Defresne’s Storyville (illustrated by Evan Wondolowski). And soon there’ll be some chatter about the new Poets & Writers book, which covers the gamut.

In reading about reading, I am just beginning Wendy Lesser’s Scandinavian Noir. Her book on rereading is a longtime favourite.

And, in writing about reading, I’m dusting off my write-by-hand reading journal (it’s been neglected during this past year).

April snow berating the crocuses
and tulips, falling as if it cannot stand
for another minute the ground warming up
in early spring.
Lynn Davies The Bridge that Carries the Road

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