Notes in January 2020

In reading about writing, I’ve been exploring Irving Weinman’s Masterclass: Developing Characters. And examining my list of writing books to reread and read, trying to decide on a focus for this year, to narrow the field of possibilities.

In writing about writing, I am working on a piece about the ways in which coverage of certain themes has changed over the past decade.

In reading about reading, I have been delving into Ig Publishing’s Bookmarked series, having particularly enjoyed Aaron Burch’s chat on Stephen King’s The Body.

And, in writing about reading, I have been rereading The Handmaid’s Tale and comparing the elements which most appealed to me as a younger reader and how that has changed over the course of time. And studying the relationship between it and the follow-up, The Testaments.

January 3, 2020

“To hear snow underfoot means you can listen
to silence given its place inside you.

Kevin Irie’s “Severn Road, Rosedale Ravine”

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