Notes in March 2019

In reading about writing, I’m dabbling in Benjamin Dreyer’s Dreyer’s English. For grammar-related stuff. When i’m feeling more crafty, I’m reading Carl H. Klaus’ book about creating a persona for non-fiction writers.

In writing about writing, I continue making notes about my experience juggling the voices of seven characters, as I sink into approach the final stages of revising a book-length manuscript. Which aren’t so final, as I am still discovering layers of characterization to solidify those voices.

In reading about reading, I have been dipping into Bruce Handy’s Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult (2017).

And, in writing about reading, I am working on a review of Nilofar Shidmehr’s Divided Loyalties. Revisiting Marjane Satrapi and Azar Nafisi, along with some other Iranian short stories.

March 3, 2019


“The city is covered in fluttering white snow. Moths on their hands, on their arms, on their upturned faces.”
Lisa Moore

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