Notes in May 2019

In reading about writing, I’m dabbling in Dinty Moore’s The Mindful Writer. I’ve also been perusing some books about creativity in general, geared more towards artists, for instance, but which have some practices and habits that interest me. (I’ve also recently reviewed Carl H. Klaus’ A Self Made of Words.)

In writing about writing, I continue making notes about my experience juggling the voices of seven characters, as I sink into approach the final stages of revising a book-length manuscript. Which aren’t so final, as I am still discovering layers of characterization to solidify those voices.

In reading about reading, I have been dipping into Daniel Heath Justice’s Why Indigenous Literatures Matter (2017).

And, in writing about reading, I have been working on a series of essays inspired by rereading books that I loved (and didn’t) when I was a girl: Revisiting. Like this one about Harriet the Spy. (There are a lot of ads embedded in the article, but their revenue contributes directly to writers.)

May 12, 2019


Soon enough the woods would begin to get dressed for spring.
Cherie Dimaline’s
The Marrow Thieves